Our goal is to introduce innovative niche brands to spas in order to increase the retail to treatment revenue ratio. These brands will compliment and add value to their customers experience, not compete or replace their existing brands. We specialize in finding the perfect spa partner for your brand to ensure your mutual success.

To ensure the long-term success of our Company, we integrate our love for the Spa Industry into everything that we do. Our workplace culture fosters a unique spirit of teamwork, innovation, creativity, and passion.

We firmly believe and are committed to the following…

  • Remembering that we have two clients: The Vendor and the Spa and that both are equally important relationships

  • A strong network within our industry is a crucial pillar to our success

  • Creating a supportive environment for our staff and sales team to help them reach their full growth potential

  • A spa’s real success can only be realized with the support of the highest level of product education

  • Find the most innovative products for our Spa clients

  • Build strong partnerships with our suppliers, retailers and colleagues based on honesty and trust

  • Foster a philanthropic spirit

  • Pursue profit without ever compromising our ethics

  • Understand that there is always room for growth and improvement

  • Know that the adventure only gets better!